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Suddenly I remember my nickname. My full name is Irrya Lucita, but I have some nicknames from of the people closest to me. some of them is :

cici ----> it's from my uncle aurian

pitok -----> until now i don't know the meaning of pitok, buat I got it from my friends in elementary school

cincil ----> from m uncle again aurian, he's some time called me like that. aaaaaa miss him so much :(

mamak / mami ----> I got it from my senior high school friends

luci / lucit -----> I got It from dicun, my friends in senior high school too

peyot -----> I got it from kak Indra

kurus / rus ----> I got it from imam

My familly and my friends in elementary school call me CICI until now. My frinds in senior high school still call me MAMAK / MAMI.


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photos of the day

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*20, Sunday*

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suddenly want to write in this blog. Dont know why, maybe I miss this blog hihihi. But actually i cant sleep :( I feel sleepy but i cant sleep.

What should I do?
Almost midnight

Now playing Yiruma time forget from my phone
If I hear yiruma I feel want to cry, miss my home, miss my friend :'(
But I like yiruma
dont know why

dizzy dizzy dizzy
Always like that if I feel sleepy but cant sleep


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Udah beberapa hari ini tidur malam jadi sangat tidak menyenangkan.
Masih seperti dulu baru tidur diatas jam 12 meski gak sampe jam 3 ato jam 4 baru tidur.
Sekarang jam 1 ato 2 aku udah bisa tidur
Tapi tetep aja selalu bangun di jam jam yang seharusnya aku masih tidur
Belum lagi kalau bangun besok paginya selalu dengan "weird feel" yang mengganggu -_-
rasanya aku butuh tidur yang benar benar tidur tanpa gangguan sama sekali

1 Januari 2013

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bismillah 2013 be a nice year for me, parents, family, friends and all of people in the world :D