my nickname

Suddenly I remember my nickname. My full name is Irrya Lucita, but I have some nicknames from of the people closest to me. some of them is :

cici ----> it's from my uncle aurian

pitok -----> until now i don't know the meaning of pitok, buat I got it from my friends in elementary school

cincil ----> from m uncle again aurian, he's some time called me like that. aaaaaa miss him so much :(

mamak / mami ----> I got it from my senior high school friends

luci / lucit -----> I got It from dicun, my friends in senior high school too

peyot -----> I got it from kak Indra

kurus / rus ----> I got it from imam

My familly and my friends in elementary school call me CICI until now. My frinds in senior high school still call me MAMAK / MAMI.


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